For 2028 we set clear goals to make our garments more sustainable by increasing the use of materials that have a lower impact on the environment than we use now. In 2028 we want 20% of all our fabrics to consist of recycled materials, 25% of the materials we use to meet the highest possible environmental standards, and for garments to contain a maximum of 5% elastane. Furthermore, we strive for at least 20% of our entire collection to be made from single materials, such as 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or 100% viscose. This makes it easier to recycle a garment compared to one made from a mix of fabrics.

Sustainable clothing goes a long way. The longer you can wear a piece, the viewer new items you need to buy which, in the long run, results in less production of clothes. It is only logical that we want durable quality for our clothes. Our items are made from high-quality materials that do not wear out quickly. The designs are timeless and crafted in natural tones that combine endlessly and last for seasons to come.
 To optimize the longevity of our clothes, we aimed our focus on extensive testing of our materials in a test lab. Where we work on minimizing the possibility of pilling, shrinking and discoloring of the garments.
We continuously monitor what effect our materials have on the environment and are actively searching for alternatives with better eco-footprint. Right now, the labels on our garments and price tags are made of responsible materials. The labels are crafted from recycled polyester and our hang tags are made of FSC wood. FSC is an international certification that guarantees sustainable and responsible forestry. Our garments do not contain any dangerous or poisonous chemicals according to the RSL. The RSL is a list that contains restricted substances and offers precise insight into the chemicals that are not allowed to ensure the safety of products. Garments crafted from merino wool are free of museling.
We are part of the international Fur-Free Retailer Programme. This means that none of the clothing items we sell contain fur.